Thursday, 22 May 2008

Back Up and Working

It was a power issue - thunder storms and all that jazz.  Servers in California is almost as silly as trying to launch a rocket from Florida.


Anonymous said...

I can't get it yet; I get an "IPS driver error, there may be a problem with the database." I'll give it time.

FYI, the storms today were VERY unusual, almost unheard of, in fact. Nov-March is the "wet" season here, and even then not very.

However, might want to ask some questions about UPSs & power filtration because the real environmental problems here crop up in the summer. The heat causes a real power drain on the grid from all the AC use, and that tends to take out sensitive electronics...just a heads-up.

Anonymous said...

Just ran a tracert--no prob, 15 hops. Still getting this IPS driver error.

Doug Ellison said...

There isn't a driver error problem, or I wouldn't be seeing it. I'd try visiting via or clearing caches.


Doug Ellison said...

OK - now I see your problem. ~Got the admins on it. I'm off to bed. It's 0251 here.

Anonymous said...

God, dude, please could've waited!!! Thanks!!!

Doug Ellison said...

NOWwwww it's working.

The DB took a bit of flack during the power problem - it's now repaired and log-ins are working normally.